CKR Associates
CKR Associates


To make it easy for companies to find the top talent they need in the Pharmaceutical industry, CKR Associates offers search services on a retained, contingency, and exclusive basis.


Companies use our retained service to fill their critical staffing needs, benefitting from our targeted four-step process:

  1. At the beginning of any retained search, we’ll designate a project team that will devote its time exclusively to the project.
  2. We’ll start with a broad search of candidates who are experienced in the area of interest and then generate an initial target list.
  3. From this initial group, we will speak with the candidates to develop a refined list of qualified candidates.  Each candidate will be carefully screened and interviewed on a one-on-one basis.
  4. Then and only then will the agreed-upon number of candidates be sent to you, so that your interview process may begin.

We supply progress reports during the course of the search, so you can be kept aware of the status of the search at all times.  Our work will not stop until the appropriate candidates are supplied.


With CKR’s contingency search service, we will NOT overwhelm you with resumes and we will NOT send candidates who simply want the job.

We will supply grade-A candidates who:

  • Fit the job description.
  • Are motivated by the opportunity.
  • Clearly understand the position for which they’re applying.

CKR Associates understands the motivation of candidates, and we cover obstacles as they arise.

We use a comprehensive qualification system that goes beyond the basics of salary, bonus, relocation, etc.  In that system:

  • We take the process a step further by challenging the candidate’s true interest level and discussing their expectations to make sure they are realistic.
  • We also explore any potential concerns the candidate may have and address them before sending the resume.

All of the things that can surprise you at the end of a search . . . CKR addresses at the beginning!


Are your HR department’s resources stretched to the breaking point?  Below are four ways that our exclusive search service can save you even more time at no additional cost:

  1. We will act as the gatekeeper for you on all positions where you need recruiting assistance.
  2. We will screen all resumes and track the progress of each search.
  3. We will utilize other firms as sub-vendors, so that you only deal with one source.
  4. All billing will come from CKR Associates.

Our number-one priority is to complete difficult searches in a timely fashion while also eliminating confusion and duplication.

By taking the headache out of the recruiting process, we can help free up your employees for other important company projects!


Our location

Conveniently located on Highway 34 near the Jersey Shore in the heart of Pharma Country.

Contact us

Whether you want to keep in touch or send us a resume, please use the information below to contact us.

  • Address: 1955 Highway 34, Suite 3A Wall, NJ 07719
  • Phone: (732) 292-1022
  • Fax: (732) 292-9910